UX 300e

World premiere of the Lexus UX 300e, our first EV

The new Lexus UX 300e is not only our first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) but the first production model produced under the Lexus Electrified strategy.

It is revealed today at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition and scheduled to go on sale in China next year and in the UK by 2021.

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Lexus UX 300e: principal features

Developed for excellent on-road performance, our engineers have preserved the distinctive design and convenience features of the Lexus UX compact SUV. They also focused on the opportunities to build on the performance advantages that are unique to EVs, thereby holding true to our ‘yet’ philosophy.

In these respects, the high-output, 150kW/300Nm motor of the new UX 300e provides natural yet brisk acceleration, the precise delivery of which can be modified through the Drive Mode Select function and four levels of deceleration and regeneration management.

The model’s high-capacity, 54.3kWh lithium-ion battery is located directly beneath the cabin floor to ensure a low centre gravity as well as optimum front/rear weight distribution. Similarly, strategic application of additional bracing and special shock absorber tuning to match the dynamic nuances of an electric car, have served to enhance the car’s already high-performance GA-C platform.

While EVs are naturally quiet in operation, the UX 300e goes further by adding insulation to suppress noises that would otherwise be noticeable in the absence of an engine and transmission. Engineers also addressed the sound generated when the vehicle is driven. Active Sound Control is used to transmit natural, ambient sounds to communicate driving conditions to the vehicle’s occupants. Nevertheless, the UX 300e will offer one of the most tranquil cabin environments in its class.

Lexus UX 300e: reliability and hybrid heritage

The knowledge we have gained from more than 15 years of industry-leading hybrid systems was applied in the development of the new Lexus UX 300e. This experience directly assisted us in maximising the efficiency of the motor, inverter, gears and high-capacity battery – in fact, the performance of the entire system – to deliver an anxiety-free driving range that is predicted to be around 250 miles.

For example, the battery is equipped with a sensitive temperature management system, while further monitoring systems regulate charging and prevent issues related to over-charging. It should therefore deliver outstanding battery reliability.

The engineering team has also adopted the latest connectivity technology to maximise the car’s everyday usability and functionality. By linking their smartphone with the Lexus Link app, UX 300e owners will be able to remotely check battery charge and driving range. The app includes further controls, such as a timer to indicate when a full charge will be reached, and a charging schedule for when the vehicle is next expected to be driven or timed to commence when energy prices are low. It will also be possible to remotely tune the cabin climate before you jump in.

Further details of the new Lexus UX 300e will be revealed closer to the on-sale date. In the meantime, it is on display at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which runs from 22 November to 1 December.


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  1. Would you be able to confirm what type of charging connection this car has please and what is the maximum KW/h it can take on a fast charge?

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us and for your interest in the new UX 300e. The charging speed for DC from 0% to 80% is 50mins and is a max 15kW. The type of charging connection used is CHAdeMO for DC charging, and ‘Type 2’ (or Mennekes) for AC charging.

      We hope this helps.

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