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Are you ready for winter? To help you prepare, and stay safe on the road, we’ve got a set of winter tyres to give away.

We are giving away one set of winter tyres. This will include a set of four winter tyres, rims, fitting and advice on storing your current tyres.

To take part simply upload a picture of your car in the inclement weather onto our Facebook page.

We’ll choose a winner at random on Friday 6th December 2013. Terms and Conditions apply.

All modern winter weather tyres are designed to perform better than a comparable summer performance tyre once temperatures drop below 7°C. Thanks to their construction and design, they also outperfom summer tyres in the cold, wet, ice and snow.

The tyres are manufactured with higher levels of natural rubber and silica and a tread pattern designed to help them bond with the road at lower temperatures.

This gives better grip and improved stopping distances compared to standard tyres in cold weather, improving the vehicle’s handling.

For more information about the full service of purchasing, fitting and tyre storage please contact your Local Centre who’ll be able to help you further.

Stay safe during the winter months on our roads.

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  1. Tyres give much better grip and improved stopping distances compared to standard tyres in cold weather, improving the vehicle’s handling

    Lexus IS200SE

  2. Lexus GS450h. Winter Tyres… keep you safe until you get home to your loved ones on these long dark winter nights…

  3. Due to their construction, winter tyres have greater grip at lower temperatures than normal tyres which improves the car’s overall handling & reduces stopping distances.

    Lexus LS400.

  4. Lexus IS 250 SE Auto

    Living in the Highlands of Scotland, I travel 12 miles to Work at 4am, winter tyres are essential as the roads are untreated at that time in the morning and very often covered in snow. Winter tyres mean I can travel to work safely as they provide additional traction, cornering and most importantly stopping ability for me and my Lexus.

  5. hi,one of the key benefits of winter tyres is that they are made of softer rubber compound,which means that even in very cold conditions where a normal tyre would be quite hard they still offer
    good level of grip and retain their flexibility (hard rubber tyres do not grip very well,but soft rubber tyres will tend to wear out more quickly as they warm up so you really do want to use winter tyres when it is very cold)….tread in winter tyres is much deeper which gives you better grip in wet and cold conditions,better resistance to water planning and skidding….hope thats explains….Lexus is220d SE….
    Thank You

  6. I own a Lexus IS200d Advance, Special Editions. I did not have Winter tyres last year and have not owned a set of Winter tyres since putting ‘Town and Country’ tyres on my Austin Mini in 1969. Consequently I am not able to recommend or even give a good account of how good they are. I will take your word for it though and hope ~I might win as I could not afford to buy a set at the moment and Winter is almost upon us!

  7. The softer compound helps your car grip the roads better at lower temperatures. Therefore hopefully less wheel spinning means less fuel. All together safer. Would love to have them on my Lexus ct 200h.

  8. We live at the bottom of a gradual but quite steep slope, my previous cars since I have lived here, two IS250s, a BMW, a Honda and two IS200s have all failed to make it off the drive and even a quarter of the way up the slope, hopefully my CT200h will, but I have my doubts, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get up the hill and make it to the top, even once would be nice

  9. Its chilly out there so a set of winter tyres would really help my CT200h as they perform better below 7 degrees, improving grip and stopping distances. Only just got the car 3 weeks ago so dont want to go sliding into the kerb!

  10. Winter tyres perform better in the snow, ice and rain through a combination of their high-silica content rubber compound and specially adapted tread patterns designed to aid grip in temperatures below 7 degrees.


  11. Winter t yres give a higher level of grip in colder weather conditions giving better traction and stopping performance, making your journey safer.

    Vauxhall astra 1.7 d breeze

  12. Winter tyres work best less than 7 degrees Celsius ie, most oft the next 4 months. They compliment the snow mode ect on the is250. Mine is a 2007 is250 in cadoxton slate with multimedia 🙂

  13. For many years I have owned 4×4 cars where winter conditions are not usually a problem for them. However, I decided to buy something different this time and choose a Lexus CT200h. I naturally want the safest tyres possible for winter driving conditions. As winter tyres would go a long way to keep me and my Lexus safer, by giving better traction due to their special rubber construction and tread pattern. I would certainly want to have them.

  14. Winter tyres provide shorter breaking distance on icy and wet surface compared to “normal” all weather models.
    IS220D 57 Reg 16′

  15. They outperform summer tyres in the cold, wet, ice and snow, with extra sipes cutting through the conditions to grip the surface. Shorter stopping distances, more grip, more safety.

    I suppose I should say 1993 Lexus LS400 for the sake of this competition 😉

  16. winter tyres give better grip,improved stopping distances and work better than normal tyres below 7c.My lexus ct200 would love so new winter tyres.

  17. Lets face it, the Achilles heel of my Lexus GS300 SE-L is that it is appalling in the snow. Anything that can give me confidence to go out in the Lexus when there is a snowflake in the air has to be worth it. Winter tyres would make a superb car perfect.

  18. The tyres grip better at temperatures below 7’c , the silica compound tyres stay soft during such temperatures allowing more grip to be found

    Ford fiesta 1.2

  19. Congratulations: Damien Blackburn – you have been randomly selected as our winner!

    We will be in touch with you shortly.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who entered. If you would like more information about Winter Weather Tyres then please contact your Local Lexus Centre:

    Wishing you all a good weekend.

  20. winter tyres stay softer and more flexible at temperatures below 7c ,giving more grip. thanks to its silica compound .

    ford fiesta 1.2


  22. CT200h – Winter tyres are the winter season’s ‘must have’ ……why not bring that bit of extra safety and security when driving – with a set of winter tyres for your car.

    I think I’ve missed this competition by one year!

    1. Hello Linda
      Thanks for your post and you are correct.
      We are however looking at the possibility of running another competition this year so do keep an eye on our Blog for the latest updates.
      Best wishes

  23. With tyres designed specifically to cope best with the cold,wet and slippery conditions of winter you know you’ve done the right thing.

    I am the proud owner of a1998 Lexus LS400

    The best car I’ve ever owned by miles

    1. Hi Jonathan
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your LS 400 ownership. Be good to see it if you want to post a pic of your LS on our Lexus Facebook page.
      We are finding more and more owners are becoming aware of winter tyres and the benefits which they can bring. We have to increase the number we order each year.
      Best wishes

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