Top 10 independent Lexus Instagram accounts

If you’re on Instagram, it almost goes without saying that you should be following us @OfficialLexusUK for the latest product news, competitions and some exclusive insight into life at Lexus.

However, we’re not the only Lexus Instagram account that’s worth a follow – take a look at our list of the top independent accounts below.

1. Lexus Boys

Fsport Friday Continues. #LexusBoys #LexusNX #FsportFriday #RSRsprings #Vossen #VipAutoSalon

A photo posted by LexusBoys™ (@lexusboys) on

Followers: 56,300
Number of posts: 3,414

Boasting 56,300 followers and with its own signature hashtag – #LexusBoys – that’s been used more than 85,000 times, Lexus Boys is the undisputed king of independent Instagram accounts for all things Lexus.

Photos are predominantly of lowered models wearing Vossen wheels and sporting a hella flush look. Email if you’d like your car to be featured.

2. Aimgain International


Followers: 28,700
Posts: 985

Ever wondered what your Lexus would like if it were a little bit more to the floor? Take a look at Aimgain International.

Based in Japan with ancillaries across the globe, the company is one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket Lexus parts in the world. Follow the company’s Instagram account to observe how the parts are fitted and see just how far you can go in your pursuit of those Fast and Furious looks.

3. Supreme Modellista


Followers: 16,800
Number of posts: 8,083

Supreme Modellista produces vinyl stickers and decals for Lexus models.

IS fans will love this account since it’s stuffed full of pictures of the sporty saloon but it also contains images of much rarer models such as the Soarer and SC 430.

4. F Sport Society


Followers: 12,700
Number of posts: 2,144

Founded to celebrate the Lexus ‘design, passion & pursuit of perfection’, F Sport Society is a rich image source for all things performance Lexus.

Use #FSportSociety if you spot a souped-up Lexus model and your image might just find its way onto the account.



Folowers: 11,900
Posts: 2,476

Don’t let the name fool you, LOYALTOYOTA is as much a Lexus destination as it is a Toyota one. Overseen by New Yorker Raul Alvarez, LOYALTOYOTA is a network that beats the chest of anything Lexus, Toyota or Scion.

Raul gets invited to all kinds of events, which means LOYALTOYOTA is a great place to see new products and generally poke around the world of Lexus.

6. Kaizen Factor


Followers: 8,638
Number of posts: 4,448

Kaizen Factor is a blog covering Lexus, Toyota and Scion. The blog’s Instagram account has a heavy Lexus bias though and it is arguably the best place on the list to see new models out on the road.

7. Lexusgram

Three 3rd gen IS’s Owner: @jwph0t0

A photo posted by @lexusgram on


Followers: 7,344
Number of posts: 538

Lexusgram publishes photos from owners who submit their pictures by direct message.

There is a nice mix of modified and stock models on display and many of the photos shared have been taken by professional car photographs, lending the account an added air of professionalism.

8. Lexus Enthusiast

Lexus GS F SPORT in Riviera Red

A photo posted by Lexus Enthusiast (@lexusnews) on


Followers: 7,062
Number of posts: 266

Lexus Enthusiast is a respected US-based independent Lexus blog reporting global news stories and scoops.

On Instagram, Lexus Enthusiast shares some of the best official images from Lexus and covers motor shows, events and motorsport. Look out for spy shots too.

9. 360 Elite Motorworks


Followers: 4,939
Number of posts: 931

360 Elite Motorworks is an LA-based tuning company working exclusively on Lexus and Toyota models.

The company is world-famous and uses Instagram to showcase its work – it has recently wrapped a Lexus RC F lime green. This is a great account to follow if you are looking for tuning ideas.

10. Lexfather 1


Followers: 2,286

Posts: 302

What’s it really like to own a Lexus? Well, it seems pretty good if Lexfather 1 – who has been a Lexus owner for 18 years – is anything to go by.

Ran by Lexus Enthusiast forum scribbler Mike, Lexfather features photos from his personal collection as well as showing you what’s going on on the Lexus club scene.

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