Silence is golden for Lexus and its award-winning CT 200h Quiet Revolution

It’s not just Kylie Minogue and owners of the new CT 200h that have been won over by the Quiet Revolution. The campaign, best known for the TV advert featuring the pop superstar enjoying a relaxing drive in her CT 200h (not to mention a crescendo of world famous drummers), has earned Lexus a Quiet Mark award from the UK Noise Abatement Society. To see the advert in full, click on the video below:

The Quiet Revolution demonstrates the near-silent running of the full hybrid luxury compact car when moving around town on zero-emissions electric power. The effectiveness of the campaign has been recognised with UKNAS’s award for excellence in quiet product design, presented to Lexus at a ceremony in London earlier this week.

Gloria Elliott, UKNAS Chief Executive, said: “The Lexus campaign aligns with the aims and ethos of the Quiet Mark to encourage the manufacture and marketing of quiet products to improve the aural environment for the benefit of all.”

Paul Marshall, Lexus General Manager, Strategy and Marketing, said, “We are delighted to have received the Quiet Mark award, a fitting acknowledgement of a campaign that emphasised how quiet performance is an important and desirable element in the quality of the CT 200h. As a pop icon of our times, Kylie Minogue was the perfect ambassador to broadcast the message of our Quiet Revolution.

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  1. No it does not come anywhere near the mpg despite milage now nearly 4000 which Lexus Newcastle informed would be the optimum for good consumption. If I go any slower I will have to get out and push. First and last Lexus for me.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Sorry to hear you’re not getting the desired performance from your CT 200h. Please note that the official MPG figures have been measured in optimum laboratory conditions and may vary from real-life fuel consumption. As driving style can be a significant factor affecting MPG we have compiled some top tips to help you achieve the best fuel economy from your car:

      1. Remove all unnecessary weight from the car
      2. Ensure all tyres are correctly inflated
      3. Plan ahead to avoid jams or simply getting lost
      4. Close windows and sun roof at higher speeds (above 45mph)
      5. Remove unused roof racks, boxes and bike racks
      6. Maintain steady speeds and do not exceed speed limits
      7. Anticipate road conditions to avoid sudden braking and acceleration
      8. Familiarise yourself with the car’s hybrid information display so you can monitor how much energy is being used
      9. Be gentle with the accelerator pedal; press it lightly but consistently, to help keep the car in EV mode
      10. Use ECO mode for improved efficiency – this will reduce response to aggressive use of the accelerator and optimise Climate Control settings
      11. Gentle, early braking boosts regenerative braking, resulting in EV mode being able to operate for longer periods
      12. Monitor the dials and gauges to fully understand the state of the hybrid system and manage high voltage battery levels
      13. When stationary, do not select ‘N’ neutral, as electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge
      14. Consider the use of Cruise Control to maintain steady speeds
      15. If using Climate Control, re-circulate mode reduces energy usage
      16. Maximise your use of EV mode wherever it is appropriate to do so
      And finally, once you’ve mastered these tips, your hybrid’s trip computer will show that there is little or no reduction in the vehicle’s overall average speed when driving economically.

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