name official lexus rc f colour

Officially name the new orange Lexus RC F colour in the UK

The eagerly-anticipated Lexus RC F is poised to set the performance car market alight when it arrives in the UK, and it’ll be offered in a dazzling orange metallic exterior paint option, which we need your help naming.

We’re inviting you to submit suggestions for what the unique shade should be called on our Facebook page. All you need to do is leave your name idea as a comment below, or on this Facebook post and we’ll then choose our favourite and officially name the colour after it in the UK.

Unveiled at this year’s Detroit motor show, RC F will tear up the tarmac with the most powerful V8 engine ever engineered for a Lexus production model under the skin. The 5.0-litre 32-valve unit, developed specifically for the RC F, is expected to produce more than 450bhp and 520Nm of torque.

In a similar vein to the hallowed LFA supercar, RC F will make use of lightweight carbon fibre parts, while an eight speed direct-shift transmission, an active rear wing and a torque vectoring differential feature, to ensure RC F is technically advanced.

The RC F will go on sale in the UK in 2015, but is already making a big impact on the racetrack, securing podium finishes in this year’s Japanese Super GT series. You can find out more about  RC F here.

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  1. I would say ” Hornet orange”
    Because it is quite similar colour to Japanese giant hornet colour.

  2. Sakurajima Orange – powerful, and to be feared…

    Sakurajima is an active volcano in Kyushu, Japan. The volcanic activity still continues, and as of March 2014, the volcano is under a Level 3 (ORANGE) alert by the Japan Meteorological Agency, signifying the volcano is active and should not be approached…

  3. In the early computer age the UK based computer company ICL painted their machines in a colour called “Hot Tango” which I believe is appropriate here too.

  4. Other suggestions (on the same theme):
    Volcano Orange
    Volcano Glow
    Magma Orange
    Magma Glow

  5. Hinode Orange.

    It is translated as “Sunrise Orange”, a reference to the RC-F’s country of origin, “The land of the rising sun”. It is also an accurate colour description of both a sunrise and this new shade of orange from Lexus.

  6. Ultra Orange
    Pitstop Orange
    Plasmic Twist
    Torrent Tangerine
    Pitlane Pumpkin
    Ray Orange
    NotYet Green
    Psycho Amber
    Flaming Fox
    …ok seriously I think I should stope there.

  7. As an IS-F owner in Ultra Blue, the gorgeous new “Burning Orange” RC-F really excites my enthusiasm for spirited driving in the new Lexus performance car….can’t wait to give it a thrash!

  8. Great competition…here is my list..

    Autumn Orange – A blend of colour to the aftermath of summer
    Dutch Orange – Many will recognise the flamboyant orange of the Netherlands
    Monarch Orange – Regal colour
    Tequilla Sunrise – Named after the drink and hint of sun
    Flame Orange – The commonly seen colour in flames of a fire
    Plasma Orange – as above but plasma refering to the more recent 4th state of matter after liquid, gas and solid
    Citrus Orange – self explanatory
    Holy Orange – After the adopted sacred colours of Buddhism and Hinduism
    Sacred Orange – as above
    Mid Summer Orange – heat, fire and warm feeling
    Saffron – after the spice
    and my personally favourite….Orpimet Orange – after the historically mined arsenic used to blend the colour orange dating back to the Pharohes.

    Thats it from me….

  9. on Dartmoor, Britain smallest bird builds a nest the size of a grapefruit, have 12 to 14 young and fly’s so fast that its almost red color, when flying looks like a shooting flame that goes past you with a quite hum and looks orange to red, and it is called the fire crest. And that is the color it reminds me of and as Lexus are known for their build quality, large capacity and smooth engine that generates same smooth hum as it goes past. I think with these qualities of both bird and machine will give you the name of the bird FIRE CREST for the color, perhaps the car itself. Lexus Fire Crest

  10. Hi –

    My suggestion for the colour of the new V8 RC F Coupe

    “Solusus Zest”

    Send me a new model 🙂

  11. What about:

    • mikan orange
    • iyokan orange

    Which are the first and second most widely produced citrus in Japan

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