New Lexus IS: prices and specifications

New Lexus IS: prices and specifications

The Lexus IS is a premium sports saloon which offers the perfect balance of luxurious comfort and performance.

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The line-up includes the first full-hybrid IS, the IS 300h, as well as the petrol-powered IS 200t. Both versions feature rear-wheel drive and will be available in Lexus F Sport specification. All versions of the third-generation IS showcase Lexus’s new focus on rewarding driving experience and bold design, featuring the brand’s signature spindle grille.

Both the IS 200t SE and IS 300h SE are priced at £28,995 on-the-road. The IS 300h uses the new 2.5-litre full hybrid system, giving it CO2 emissions below 100g/km and zero car tax.

The IS range comprises seven grades – SE, Executive Edition, Luxury, Advance, Sport, F Sport and Premier. Here’s the breakdown on how they are specified.

Lexus IS SE specification

Entry point to the new range is SE grade, priced from £28,995 for either the turbocharged 2.0-litre IS 200t or 2.5-litre full hybrid IS 300h. This model is generously equipped, and includes 16” alloy wheels, drive mode select, cruise control, smart entry and start, dual-zone climate control air conditioning, power-fold heated mirrors, HID headlamps with dusk sensing function, eight airbags, 60/40 split rear seats (IS 250 only), Lexus display audio with DAB and Bluetooth connectivity and a temporary spare wheel (a tyre repair kit is supplied with IS 300h).

Lexus IS Executive Edition specification

Priced at £29,995 for the 2.5 litre full hybrid IS 300h. The IS Executive Edition features 17’’ wheels, Parking Pack (front and rear sensors), Lexus Navigation and leather seats as standard.

Lexus IS Luxury specification

Likely to be the biggest selling model in the IS range, the IS 300h Luxury is priced at £30,995. It adds 17” alloy wheels, Lexus Park Assist, rain-sensing wipers and 60/40 split rear seats.

Lexus IS Advance specification

Priced at £31,495 for the 2.5 litre full hybrid IS 300h. The IS Advance features 17’’ wheels, Parking Pack (front and rear sensors), Lexus Navigation and electric & ventilated leather seats as standard.

Lexus IS Sport specification

Released in autumn 2015, the Sport model is priced at £28,995 for the turbocharged 2.0-litre IS 200t and £29,995 for the full hybrid IS 300h. It delivers a number of attractive sports-themed styling touches including five-spoke black 18-inch alloy wheels, a black finish for the front spindle grille and matching black door mirror casings. Further unique features include specific black cloth and grey leather effect trim, new body colours, and Lexus Navigation fitted as standard.

Lexus IS F Sport specification

The F Sport is priced from £31,495 for IS 200t, and £32,495 for IS 300h, and adds further sport cues to the interior and exterior design, including 18” 10 spoke F Sport alloy wheels, sport suspension with lateral damping system, an F Sport mesh grille, instrument meters inspired by the Lexus LFA, aluminium sports pedals and leather trim on the steering wheel and gear lever.

Lexus IS Premier specification

Premier models are priced from £35,750 for IS 200t and £36,750 for IS 300h. Premier offers the highest standard equipment, including 18” 5 spoke alloy wheels, automatically folding wing mirrors, eight-way power-assisted leather seats including heating and ventilation functions, an electrically operated steering column, 7-inch HDD full map satellite navigation system with dynamic route guidance, rear view camera and connected services and a high-quality Mark Levinson sound system with 15 speakers and 5.1 channel surround sound.

Lexus IS accessories

Black leather upholstery is available on Luxury and F Sport models. Pricing starts from £1,400 for six-way adjustable leather seats with heater function (available on Luxury models only). F Sport customers can also specify eight-way adjustable leather seats with heater and ventilation functions for £2,300, in either black or dark rose leather.

7-inch HDD full map satellite navigation system featured as standard on Premier models is available as an option on the rest of the range for £1,995.

Premier models can be equipped with a sunroof for £1,000. Metallic or mica paint can be specified on all models for £610.

Lexus IS colour range

The 2016 Lexus IS can be supplied in ten colours, two of which are exclusive to F Sport models: Sonic White, Satin Silver, Mercury Grey, Sonic Titanium, Velvet Black (solid), Celestial Black, Mesa Red, Fuji Red (solid), F Sport White (F Sport only) and Azure Blue (F Sport only).

*Final UK production specification and equipment may vary from these images

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Comments (55)

  1. I think it will be the best selling car for Lexus as it will be revolution and will compete with BMW 3 Series, Merc C Class and Audi A4 market. i’m looking forward for my self.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Dhaval.
      We’re pleased you like the new Lexus IS, if we can help you with anything please let us know.
      Kind regards.

  2. Hello. A very nice car indeed, but the IS250 premier is now more expensive than the ( better equiped and bigger) GS250Luxury + MarkLevinson after your recent GS offer !!

    IS there a mixup with pricing?

    1. Hi Vasilis,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      The GS 250 Luxury price which you refer to is an offer that is currently available. The IS 250 Premier is a list price.
      We recommend speaking to your local Centre directly for the latest offers: and ‘Find a Centre’.
      Have a great weekend.

  3. The new model looks sensational and I can’t wait to see it. However, I was disappointed by the spec pricing.

    Is it correct that the base models come with cloth seats? (To upgrade to “leather/heater” is GBP 1400 extra, and even then that is on top of the Luxury trim only. This seems extortionate.)

    I would also be concerned at GBP 1900 for the Sat-Nav – equivalent Audis are just 500 for this. Why the differentiation?

    1. Hi Ian,
      Many thanks for your comments and we’re with you, we can’t wait to see the new IS on the road.
      We appreciate your feedback and would like to address your points. The fabric/Tahara seat trim combination on New IS is a premium alternative to the fabric in many other cars in the segment. In addition, our cars feature high value additional spec such as Xenon headlights, DAB and Smart Entry (keyless) that are, again, not standard on many similar models in the market.
      Our optional navigation package also offers customers additional value including a DVD player, back-up camera, voice recognition, connected services ability, HD display and a speaker system upgrade.
      When considering the technology, refinement, emissions, power and tax advantages (of new IS Hybrid), we hope this places the new IS as an even more compelling option.
      You may well be interested in seeing this video from Lexus about the new IS: This will help to explain the position this new model will hold for us.
      Please do let us know if you’ve any further questions,
      Many thanks.

  4. Having had several BMW’s, I then had an IS250SEL for 5.5 years and was very pleased with everything except two important features namely, road noise and the very hard ride/suspension. I would expect a luxury car to have a comfortable & quiet ride, especially on our roads. Will the new car be improved here and/or will there be a “comfort” adjustment for those who do not want a hard/noisy ride? If the above problems are sorted, this car will be a winner!

  5. Why are national newspaper adverts for the new IS today saying price is not yet available when it is clearly being shown on the Lexus UK website?

    1. Good morning,
      Unfortunately, when these adverts were sent to print the new IS pricing wasn’t available. In future editions these will be up to date.
      Many thanks for your comment.

  6. Is there any early pictures of a car in sonic titanium? It looks a potentialy great colour but i would like to see it on a real car before ordering it

    1. Hi Rob,
      I’m afraid we do not have an image of the new IS in the Sonic Titanium colour as yet. We are currently working on a preview brochure which will be available in approximately April, we are hoping this will include this colour reference. As we have confirmation, we will let you know.
      Thanks for your interest and we will continue to keep you updated here on the Lexus Blog.
      Kind regards.

      1. Hi Amy,

        Thank for your response last week regarding Sonic Titanium. I want to make a final decision next week to order an IS300h F Sport with Red leather, and would really like to take a chance on Sonic Titanium as it has the potential to look really classy if the eventual colour is not too gold or even worse ‘beigy’. I just wondered if you know anyone who is going to the Geneva Motor Show and if by any stroke of luck there is a car in that colour on display that they could get photos of. You can understand my dilemma, I don’t want to compromise on another colour and then find Sonic Titanium would have been perfect. Conversely I don’t want to pick Sonic Titanium then be disappointed and wish I had picked White.

        1. Hi Rob,
          Very good news to hear you are hoping to make a final decision about ordering the new IS!
          We understand the importance of this decision. We have had a couple of photos through from the Geneva Motor Show for you, we will send these to you by email.
          We hope this helps and if there’s anything you need further please let us know!

  7. Hi,

    It looks really great and the price is competitive. it’s just such a HUGE shame that the UK won’t be getting the AWD version they get in the States 🙁 … i had the pleasure to drive one of the last generation AWD cars for a couple of weeks last year and really didn’t want to give it back. I would have been heading to my local dealer with the deposit if you had done …

    Any idea when you might be getting any cars to test drive ?


    1. Hi Andy,
      Thank you for your feedback and we’re sorry for your disappointment here, we have passed on your comments to our Product Development colleagues.
      The new IS showroom and demonstrator vehicles are planned to be at Lexus Centres from mid July.
      If we can help with anything further, please do let us know.
      Kind regards.

  8. Is it just me or does the design remind anyone else of the (American) Pontiac G8? Have the designers said what their inspirations were?

  9. I’m due for a new company car shortly and my company really encourage environmentally friendly motoring. So I’m keen to know what the B.I.K figure will be to see if it’s worth me waiting for this car to arrive at the dealers.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for your interest in the new IS!
      Unfortunately, this information has yet to be released. We are expecting to have this confirmed over the next month so we will be sure to update you here on the Lexus Blog.
      If there is anything further we can help with in the meantime, please do let us know.
      Kind regards.

    2. In reply to JIm. From personal experience of buying a CT200h on business, if you can wait for your car until July (first availability) then order an IS300h now. Our CT200h is 10% BIK (the lowest) 100% write-down tax on purchase price and zero road tax – an absolute no-brainer. And the ownership experience has been great, average 45 mpg and I drive it in Sport mode. Even though the new IS will not be quite as tax beneficial as the CT 200 (but I’m guessing less than 109g/km) I am confident enough to be ready to pre-order one next week to replace the CT. And just for good measure, if you have not experienced a Lexus before and you like the look of the IS then I have no hesitation in recommending the car. I think the new IS is going to lead the Lexus brand forward but don’t tell everybody as they will all want one.

      1. The F Sport doesnt seem to offer leather. I need to order a car in the next month or two. Could anyone tell me if leather is available and at what cost. Also when will lease rates be available to lease companies?

        1. Hi Paul,
          For both the IS 250 and IS 300h F Sport models, leather sports seats are available as an option at £2,300. These feature front heated and cooled seats which are electrically adjustable with memory.
          Do let us know if you need any more from us, very happy to help.
          Best wishes.

      2. Thanks Rob, I need the prices to come out to know that I can qualify for one! The website quotes less than 100g/kg CO2, so it sounds great. I just need to know if the lease price will be right to suit my allowance!
        I looked at the CT, but its just too small, otherwise it makes a great choice!

        1. Thanks for your interest in the new IS, Jim.
          We’ll be sure to update you with this information here on the Lexus Blog as it is released.
          If there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime, please let us know.

          1. I’ve got some prices on contract hire, and its in the ball park so just got to wait to test drive now! Can roof bars be fitted? My only concern is that I’d be downsizing a little and would need to be able to use a roof box at times.

          2. Hi Jim,
            That’s great news! Thanks for your interest.
            Yes a roof rack is available as an accessory for the new IS, your local Centre will be able to help you with further information on this.
            If we can help with anything further please let us know.
            Have a lovely week.

  10. Lexus IS 300h: I am looking at changing cars in July and would be able to order one now if I know the OTR list price and if the driving position is ok. Can you advise if demo models are available in the UK for this car now and can you advise if a full price list with specifications is available?

    1. Hi Charles,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Demonstrator vehicles will be available in Centres from mid July, your local Centre will be able to provide you with more specific dates. You can find full specification and pricing details through our website here:
      Please let us know if we can help with anything further.
      Kind regards.

  11. Hi
    Could you send me pictures of the sonic titanium and Messa red metallic please as I want to make a decision on which colour might be appropriate.
    Oh and please explain powerfully mirrors on the luxury version as opposed those on the Premier?

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your interest in the new IS.
      We will be emailing you the images you have requested.
      The IS Luxury grade has Electro Chromatic Powerfold Heated Mirrors. The Premier grade, in addition to ths, has an auto-fold feature, which means that the mirrors can be set to automatically fold in when the ignition is switched off. The Premier grade also features a memory function, which is linked to the seat position memory setting. This means that the mirror position can be adjusted for each driver’s memory seat setting.
      We hope this helps and thanks again for your question.

  12. I think it will give BMW & Audi a run for the money, however I am concerned that like previous Lexus, the extras are limited to each model type. I would like to see additional leather seat colours & wheel combinations. Limiting the sport to two colours is not good marketing! Why not offer in black surely this is the most popular colour for a sporty looking car?

  13. Hi.
    Will In premier grade mesh grill from f sport be available ??? And what kind of suspension we suppose to expect on premier version?


    1. Hi Damien,
      The grille and bumper on F Sport grade are unique to that model and not available on Premier grade. The suspension set-up on Premier grade is multi-link rear and double wishbone front.
      Hope this helps, many thanks.

  14. That’s really a shame. I love look of F sport but I don’t want uncomfortable ride which comes with sport suspension in F sport. It would be nice if Lexus would offer mesh grill in Premier grade as a option.

  15. I went to test drive the new IS today. Lovely car and polite, friendly staff. However, I was a little disappointed at the reluctance for any discounts that match reputable broker sites. Having previously bought both a new Audi and Mercedes who accepted the price quoted by brokers sites as a basis for negotiating, I was a little bemused by my Lexus dealerships refusal to match these – with the rationale that “Lexus will not allow discounts”.

    Surely if a reputable broker site can promise the same car from a UK network at a discounted price and the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes will honour and also try to better these prices Lexus could do the same?

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We’re pleased to learn of your interest in the new Lexus IS and agree it’s a great car! Thanks also for your kind comments regarding the staff at the Lexus Centre you visited.
      With regards to the comment “Lexus will not allow discounts”, we can confirm categorically this is not the case. Lexus Centres are independent business who work closely with us in partnership, but in no way does Lexus prohibit Centres discounting from the recommended retail price (RRP). As the retailer, it is the Lexus Centre who determines the final transaction price. We are keen to know more about why you were offered this advice so would appreciate it if you could tell us which Centre you visited and we’ll be happy to investigate this further. In the meantime, we’re are sorry if this has provided some confusion rather than any peace of mind.
      Many thanks,
      Lexus UK.

  16. I am in the process of looking at the new IS 350 F Sport, Is it possible to have a photo sent with the Titanium (1J7) color.

    Regards Trevor

  17. Hi, I’m looking at a is350h f-sport, but want a sunroof! I have received conflicting information from my local Lexus dealer. Can you advise whether a sunfoof option will become available in the future on an f-sport please.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      We presume you mean IS 300h F Sport not 350h, as the 300h is the UK model.
      There are no current plans to introduce a sunroof option on IS 300h F Sport. This is the first such request we have had at Lexus Head-Office but one we’ve passed on to the team, so they’re aware of your feedback.
      Please do let us know if you’ve any further queries, otherwise your Lexus Centre is well placed to assist.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

      1. Thank you Kerry for your speedy reply. This a is a shame and one that will force me to look at alternatives or delay purchase in the hope of a change.

  18. Having just purchased the Lexus IS Premier am disappointed to find only one Zeon headlamp fitted,although brochures and ads clearly show the model with 2.It may be said that the images refer to continental models,and the spec list the headlites as ZEON and not BI ZEON,but remain unconvinced as to the correct description.

    The Car has also paint issues which cannot now be resolved in its finished state without first removing the lacquered finish.It isn’t all doom and gloom though as the Car has a good power train and the sweetest transmission ever.

    The fact remains at £39105 I would have expected a higher degree of excellence from Lexus which it is renowned for.

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us, we’re delighted to hear you’ve recently received your New Lexus IS. You are among some of the first people in the UK to have this car and we very much hope you enjoy taking to the roads in this very special new car.
      With regards to your paint queries we advise contacting our Customer Relations team. They’ll investigate this for you and liaise with your local Lexus Centre to help further. Please visit: for their contact details.
      Many thanks.

      1. Thank you Kerrie and have wrote to Customer Services and my viewpoint as an expert ,in particular, finishers.The Car is so beautiful to drive with its delightful transmission,a set up which future buyers will adore after a one month ownership.

        For a long time now Lexus have been credited with fitting Toys to their vehicles,this statement is totally not true,on the contrary they are useful and necessary aids in todays world.In particular the Blind spot monitor,and that superb mark levinson audio system which I rate as the worlds best.A beautiful car spoilt by this unacceptable paint finish,I am unable to rectify the faults alone and regrettable have to live with them much to my deep regret.



        1. Unfortunetly more powerfull engine versions are just avaiable to buy on US market, talking about
          (IS 350 AWD or RWD) and (IS 300)… it is very sad 🙁 but i am still believe we will be able in future see both engine versions in UK quickly…

  19. Another request for a sunroof option on the IS F-sport, please. I took a test drive recently, happy with the car (but only the Sport model), and was amazed to find out that sunroofs are available on all IS models except this one. The dealer showed me a second hand Sport from a few years ago which had one… and, looking at your US website, it appears sunroofs are standard there on all new IS models, but for some baffling reason, not in the UK. May seem trivial, but that alone has made me look for a different car…

    1. Hi JFF,
      Great to hear that you’ve been behind the wheel of the new IS.
      There is very low demand for that specific feature, the sunroof, on the new IS in the UK. As such it isn’t currently available as an option. This is partly due to demand and also driven by our focus on offering the very best price for the car. We’re sorry that this is a feature you’re interested in but not available however, we trust you’ll find that the new IS is one of the finest we’ve made thus far. The ride, the sound, the luxury and the feel of the car, we think, is unlike any previous model. Please do let us know if there is anything we can help you with and very much hope that we can welcome you to Lexus as a customer.
      Kind regards.

  20. We are looking to upgrade our current IS sport to a new IS 300h F-Sport, but are very disappointed to see that the much used sunroof option is not available on the F-Sport model, despite being shown in the right hand drive example on your website promotional video (so you clearly do make them probably for the Japanese market). I understand that it may not be fitted as standard, but please explain why you are stopping customers ordering it as an option especially with a black only interior – it would make the cabin much less oppressive. I am really not keen on manufacturers thinking that they should dictate what options customers can or cannot have – I may go and have a look again at Audi who seem to let me choose my options.

  21. Hi John
    Thanks for your post and for your interest in the Lexus IS 300h. We had a quick chat with our product team for you who look after vehicle specifications. Two reasons really, the first is that Lexus vehicles in the UK typically offer higher standard specifications than our competitors and therefore a lower number of selectable options and secondly our options list is selected based on historic popularity which can also be a driver in determining final vehicle specification. That said we have the opportunity to review our spec and options list on an annual basis. The next such opportunity is from September 2014 production. Should demand for a sunroof option on F Sport prove to be sufficiently high over the coming months, we would introduce sunroof as a new option on F Sport at that point.
    Hope this helps and thanks again for post. If you have any other questions please let us know.

  22. I’ve been driving a LEXUS IS300h since 1st Sept. 2013. I’m generally pleased with the car, especially when selecting the “Sports” mode.
    One disappointment is the “Cursor Control System” for managing the Sat.Nav, Radio etc. I previously had an IS250 with “Touch Control” which I think is much better.

    1. Hi Peter
      Thanks for your post and feedback regarding ownership of your IS 300h.
      We do appreciate taking the time to post your thoughts and our product team would be interested to know further regarding your disappointment with the cursor system. If there are any specific elements regarding use or if it just the system overall let us know.
      Thanks again.

  23. Hi Ive just bought a 2014 F-Sport white IS300H, Brilliant car in eveyway but i want to make it a bit more original by loosing the chrome element around the grill to match the grill itself. Could you provide the paint reference numberto allow me to match the spindle grill paint?


    1. Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We recommend speaking with your local Lexus centre as they can advise and order any parts in for you, they’ll also be able to point out any costs associated with these parts. Please visit: to find your local Lexus centre. Hope this helps

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