Lexus Stories

Crafted for Lexus: leather bow tie

We continue our examination of the Crafted for Lexus collection with Shinji Iwamoto’s bow tie, made from the same leather seen in the Lexus LC.

Crafted for Lexus: World Clock

Our exploration of the Crafted for Lexus collection begins with Masafumi Ishikawa’s innovative dodecagonal timepiece for world travellers.

History of Lexus convertibles

Has the new Lexus LC Convertible concept reignited your passion for luxurious, wind-in-the-hair motoring? Then let’s remember the convertible models Lexus has previously developed.

The philosophy of Lexus F models

We reveal some of the thinking, engineering and styling cues behind the family of four Lexus models wearing our high-performance F designation.

A closer look inside the Lexus LFA’s V10

At the heart of the Lexus LFA was the breathtaking 1LR-GUE engine, a bespoke 4.8-litre V10 that is widely regarded as an engineering masterpiece. We take a closer look at its components and construction.