What does the Lexus ‘Ready’ light mean?

There’s a small green light in the instrumentation of every Lexus hybrid displaying the word ‘Ready’. We are often asked what this symbol refers to and what benefit it provides to drivers. Below, we clear things up.

1. What does the Lexus Ready light refer to?

The Ready symbol lets Lexus hybrid drivers know that their vehicle’s electric motor is ready to operate as and when the hybrid system allows or requires.

2. When does the symbol appear?

When the full (not auxiliary) ignition is switched on. The symbol remains on during driving time.

3. Why does the Ready symbol remain on while driving?

To remind the driver that the electric motor is operating as intended and is capable of serving as a supplementary propulsion source when the petrol engine switches off to save fuel.

4. Can I turn it off?

No, it is not possible to turn the Ready symbol off.

5. In what circumstance would the ‘Ready’ symbol not illuminate when the ignition is switched on?

If there is a fault with the vehicle’s hybrid system.

6. What should I do if the ‘Ready’ symbol does not illuminate when the ignition is switched on?

Try to start the vehicle once again. If the problem persists contact your local Lexus dealer.


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