Lexus RC F virtual reality app

Lexus RC F virtual reality driving experience app

The exhilaration and excitement of driving the Lexus RC F is captured in a new virtual reality experience designed to give everyone the chance to enjoy a taste of what makes the latest thoroughbred addition to Lexus’s exclusive F performance portfolio so special.

Using the latest virtual reality technologies, Lexus has created an action-packed scenario in which the user embarks on a high-speed pursuit around a race track in the new RC F coupe.

To ensure a truly immersive experience, the action was filmed live on the exclusive Ascari circuit in southern Spain, using a battery of cameras inside and outside the car as well as trackside to capture high-quality, 360-degree digital footage.

The result is as close as you can get to enjoying the authentic speed, handling and sound of the 475hp RC F without actually sitting in the cockpit. You can even choose between a smooth or urgent driving style, to suit your personal preference.

The experience is being offered as a smartphone app for iOS and Android which can be used stand-alone or with the Google Cardboard VR viewer. For even greater immersion, there is also an Oculus Rift VR version. You can also experience the RC F film with the new 360-degree YouTube video streaming function (currently only working with Chrome browsers).

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Lexus launched the RC F experience at the Geneva motor show earlier this year. It will be giving people the chance to put themselves in the virtual race experience at key events across Europe this summer. Lexus has also designed a branded version of Google Cardboard that will be available soon.

At Lexus we are determined to push the boundaries in everything we do, whether that’s in the design of our cars or the way we market our products to customers – Spiros Fotinos

Spiros Fotinos, Lexus Europe’s Head of Marketing, said: “At Lexus we are determined to push the boundaries in everything we do, whether that’s in the design of our cars or the way we market our products to customers. For the RC F we have created an amazing virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed and shared by anyone, anywhere – without the traditional hardware limitations. The combination of realism, multi-platform availability and YouTube 360-degree video streaming makes it truly a world first.”

The RC F smartphone app is available for download now on the App store and Google play store (search: Lexus RC F). For more information please also visit

Launched at the end of 2014, the RC F is a premium sports coupe, born and bred at Japan’s famous Fuji Speedway and inspired by the advanced technologies and performance-focused character of the Lexus LFA supercar.

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