Why does Lexus paintwork look so good?

The Lexus RC F was the first current generation model to adopt a complex multi-layered paint process that transforms the way the vehicle looks and responds to sunlight.

Once the preserve of concept vehicles that needed to visually ‘pop’ under show spotlights, the new process offers a level of depth and luminescence that is not possible to generate with traditional paintwork. But the additional complexity of this treatment required major changes to the production line in order to accommodate it.

The paint is built up in a meticulous five-coat, four-bake process – in addition to the electrodeposited coat protecting the base metal of the body structure.

Heat Blue graphic

The first is identified as a ‘middle’ or intermediate priming layer, which provides a solid foundation for the following coats. Next to be applied is the metallic blue base coat, followed by a clear sealing coat. A translucent, blue-tinted coat provides the fourth layer, with a second clear layer – more specifically, a self-healing anti-scratch coat – applied as the finishing surface.

Interestingly, the reason for sandwiching the blue paint between clear coat layers is to control reflections and establish a balance between brightness and depth – two elements that traditionally work against each other.

2015 Lexus RC F

Between each layer, not only is the vehicle sent through a baking oven but the new paintwork is gently wet-sanded by hand under the supervision of Takumi master craftsmen. This painstaking process ensures each fresh surface is devoid of blemishes that might detract from the final finish.

For the UK market, the launch colour for this new paint process was named Azure Blue (code 8X1). Although similar tonally to the Ultrasonic Blue available in the IS F and seen on Lexus UK’s own LFA (code 8U1), the additional depth, evenness and glossiness of this new next-generation paint is evident in all lights.

RC F Azure Blue 03

8X1 Azure Blue is now available on selected IS, GS and RC models, while the complex layering process has been expanded to include other colours within the Lexus range.

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  1. Yes, they use Kansai paints and the say the paint co can only price a 2 layer paint job not the tri that 8×1 is.

  2. Hi I am having trouble matching the paint job on my 2016 IS 350 F which has the paint code of 8×1 ultrasonic blue we had 3 tries with different methods and paint brands they all come up very different and don’t match the original factory paint job. Help needed on how to apply and what is used in each step any tips from your end will be highly appreciated many thanks

    1. Hi Amir,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. Have you been to your Lexus Centre about this issue? Many thanks.

    2. what color is the “sealer” your using ? the same color over a gray sealed will be darker than if over a white or blue etc….

      1. Hi Rick,
        Thanks for getting in touch.
        Please could you clarify whether you are referring to a body sealer or to a body repair application? For example an undercoating sealant?
        Once we have this information, we will get back to you with an answer.

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