Lexus hybrid driving advice

Driving a self-charging Lexus hybrid car offers many benefits, including quieter running and lower tail-pipe emissions. Our hybrid driving hints and tips will help ensure you get the very best from your car’s engine and improve its fuel economy.

Eight of the ten distinct Lexus models available in the UK is available as a self-charging petrol-electric hybrid. But whichever of these you have set your heart on, the following guide will help you maximise the vehicle’s range.

Lexus Hybrid driving advice:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the hybrid information display so you can monitor how much energy is being used.
  2. Be gentle with the accelerator – press it lightly but consistently to help keep the car in EV mode.
  3. Use ECO mode for improved efficiency – this evens out aggressive use of the throttle.
  4. Gentle, early braking boosts regenerative braking, which allows you to use EV mode for longer periods of time.
  5. Do not shift the gear selector into Neutral when stationary as this will stop the hybrid battery from being charged.
  6. Consider using cruise control to maintain a steady speed.
  7. If using climate control, recirculation mode can reduce energy use.
  8. Maximise your use of EV mode when it is appropriate to do so.
  9. Heavy use of ancillaries such as air conditioning, lights and windscreen wipers will increase energy consumption.

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