Lexus CT 200h in Harrods: Behind the scenes

Ever wondered how shops manage to construct their intricate and beautiful Christmas displays? What about when that display includes not one but two cars as part of a four-window installation, and the shop in question is arguably London’s most famous department store, Harrods?

Well, you need wonder no longer: we were on hand to see the new Lexus CT 200h and RX 450h being placed in the windows of Harrods. Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage below to see just what it takes – from the bespoke panelling, to taking the Harrods doors off their hinges, to the final dust-down.

If you’ve got déjà vu, it’s because this isn’t our first video of a high-performance, ultra-luxury white Lexus being placed in a shop window display: back in July, we filmed the stunning LFA supercar as it was driven into London’s Lexus Park Lane showroom, just a few minutes from Harrods. Click here to see it once more.

The Lexus Hybrid Drive installation is in Harrods until 15 January 2011. To find out what people are saying about the CT 200h, click here; to view exclusive pictures of the installation, click here.

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