Silence is golden for Lexus and its award-winning CT 200h Quiet Revolution

It’s not just Kylie Minogue and owners of the new CT 200h that have been won over by the Quiet Revolution. The campaign, best known for the TV advert featuring the pop superstar enjoying a relaxing drive in her CT 200h (not to mention a crescendo of world famous drummers), has earned Lexus a Quiet Mark award from the UK Noise Abatement Society…

Lexus fires up the new CT 200h F-Sport

At Frankfurt last month, we announced that a new F-Sport grade would join the existing Lexus CT 200h line-up – and now it’s available to order. The Quiet Revolution just ramped up a notch or two…

Lexus CT 200h ticks every box for owners

Back in February, we started a Quiet Revolution with a little help from a certain Australian pop superstar, and the new Lexus CT 200h was born. But who answered our (quiet) rallying cry?