1998-2005 Lexus IS
Lexus IS

History of the Lexus IS

We take a look through the history of the Lexus IS, our compact, rear-wheel drive executive saloon that over three generations has become the brand’s best-selling model line in the UK.

History of the Lexus GS

We chart the history of the Lexus GS, from its introduction as a high-performance flagship saloon to its later role as standard-bearer for L-finesse design and Lexus Hybrid Drive technology.

Lexus history: a lesson in luxury

From a twinkle in Eiji Toyoda’s eye to an industry-shaking arrival in 1989, we chart the early history of Lexus and development of the defining LS 400 luxury saloon.

Crafted for Lexus

Crafted for Lexus: Ito Bindery paperware

We continue our browse through the Crafted for Lexus collection by appreciating the book-crafting techniques used to create Ito Bindery’s simple but stylish pads.