Lexus LC: our greatest challenge

Remind yourself how Lexus turned the award-winning and impossibly good-looking LF-LC concept car into the stunning Lexus LC luxury coupe.


Lexus RC: four degrees of radical

The Lexus RC has four levels of performance, from economical hybrid to fire-breathing GT3 racer. We explore these four degrees of radical.

Untold history of the Lexus LFA

We uncover the fascinating, untold story behind the Lexus LFA, revealing the personalities and challenges behind its development, and how this ground-breaking supercar transformed the company.

History of the Lexus RX

Journey through the history of the Lexus RX, the car that defined the luxury SUV segment and launched Lexus Hybrid Drive technology.

When Lexus does the unexpected…

Lexus likes to showcase cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship in a number of imaginative and innovative ways. Here are ten examples of when Lexus did something totally unexpected.

Lexus SC 430

History of the Lexus SC

The Lexus SC coupé’s design and luxurious cabin was an instant hit when it went on sale in 1991, while its second generation marked the brand’s first exercise in convertible production.