Lexus Navigation map update

How to update maps on your Lexus Navigation system

The Lexus Navigation system can be updated periodically using downloadable updates, ensuring that you always have the latest road and route information in your Lexus, saving you time, money and minimising stress when journeying to a new destination.

Updating the maps is a simple process, and you’ve probably got the equipment to hand already – all you need is an internet-connected computer and a blank, formatted 4GB USB memory stick.

To find out how to purchase, download and apply the map update to your Lexus, simply watch the video below or read on for a step-by-step guide.

  1. Begin by taking your blank, formatted 4GB USB memory stick and inserting it into a USB socket on your computer.
  2. In a web browser, navigate to the Lexus customer portal and sign in. If you don’t already have an account, you can register at this point.
  3. Once signed-in, click on ‘e-Store’ > ‘Map & Software Updates’. Click on the price button to get more information on your update.
  4. Identify your car, agree to the terms and conditions, add to your shopping cart, and pay by credit card or via PayPal.
  5. Go to the ‘MyAccount’ page to view your purchased update. Click on ‘MyDashboard’ > ‘Downloads’ where you will see your purchase with three icons alongside.
  6. To enable the map update, click on the key icon. You will be given a 16-digit activation code, which you can write down or print out.
  7. The second icon gives you a set of instructions on how to download and apply the update to your Lexus.
  8. The third icon is a link to the actual download. Download the ZIP file, extract it on your computer and save the extracted file to the blank USB memory stick.
  9. Now take the USB stick and the 16-digit activation key to your Lexus. Plug the USB stick into the USB port of your Lexus and follow the instructions show on the navigation screen.

If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to call or pop into your local Lexus centre where a fully trained technician will be happy to help.

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  1. This STILL doesn’t work, over a year on from your original article. This is not the sort of service I have come to expect from Lexus.

      1. Dear Charlotte,
        As far as I know, this procedure is not correct and in any case only offers to download a Software update. This article should be rewritten and at least tetsed before publication.

  2. I think Lexus has a damn cheek asking for payment for SatNav updates (let alone when the procedure does not work). I get them free on my Garmin SatNav after an inital purchase of just ovver £100. After an initial purchase of tens of thousands of pounds, Lexus asks for more ! Unbelievable greed…

    1. Hi Digby,
      All comments posted to our blog have to go through an approval process and has therefore been looked into this morning, after the bank holiday break. We have now replied to your earlier post. Many thanks.

      1. You did not honestly say that. Updating a map requires software license? really? You are not updating the software… it is the map – just the data that is being updated

        1. Yes you are correct there Kenny however Ella is not wrong either. Regardless of model in our range (especially the more current ones) they require a license key for us as a centre to install the latest maps into your vehicle. I appreciate and understand why alot of people are a bit disgruntled by the cost of the update, but I am afraid we cannot change or impact the prices of parts.

  3. I have tried to register through your Customer Portal, but each time your software crashes when I tick the ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ box. So I cannot find out about map updates or try to purcahse them. Alan.

    1. Hi Alan,
      We’ve passed your details on to our multimedia help team and they will be in touch in due course. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Hello there,
    Any body has an idea how update navigation maps for LX 570, mdel year 2015, for Arabian Gulf Area.(GCC Area)

    1. Hi Younis,
      Thank you for your comment. We have sent this to our Multimedia team and we will get back to you as soon as we hear back. Many thanks.

    2. Hi Younis,
      As this model is not sold in the UK we would advise going to Lexus in your region as they would be in the best position to assist. Many thanks.

      1. Hi there, I am Malik from Pakistan. I bought lexus ct200h advance model 2012 which is UK built in navigation display goes blank just after it starts and only Lexus symbol is displayed then is blank. It shows “NO MAPS FOUND”.If there no maps though but it’s android should be working. .please give me advice as there is no Lexus dealership here in my country. .

  5. Unfortunately when I log into the Lexus Customer Portal my screen looks nothing like the one above and there is a complete lack of anything called an Estore which makes the entire thing a bit difficult.

  6. Truly a greedy company, first off a Navman, tom tom etc is around $100 to $150 free lifetime updates, you purchase a car as I did myself a 2003 Lexus is300 with an original dvd disc from 2009 that needs updating and are told by Lexus Australia to pay $200 for the updates and the dvd drive that is in the boot refuses to read the disc anyway told $2000 for a replacement item that is obsolete and totally useless anyway may as well run Windows xp in the drive lol.

    1. Hi Yort,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry you feel this way. We’d advise contacting Lexus in Australia, as they are in the best position to help you further. Thanks.

    1. Hi Abubaker,

      Thank you for getting in touch. We would recommend contacting Lexus in your local region who will be best placed to advise you on this.


  7. I bought ES 350 2016 from Canada and I’ve sent it to Dubai, I need to change my maps from Canada and north America to middle east.

    1. Hi Tariq,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We would advise for you to contact Lexus in your region or Lexus Canada, as they will be able to assist you further.


  8. Dear Lexus,

    I am currently very frustrated with my experience so far trying to get a map for Africa on my 2018 LX570.

    I have contacted Lexus UAE and Nigeria and both have given me so run of the mill BS story about why and how and at the end no results.

    My question is very simple, can i get a MAP for Africa for my 2018 LX570 with VIN No. JTJHY7AXXJ4274989 ?

    Also can someone high up please get in touch with me, thanks.


    Marwan Al-Atrach

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues. As this is not a UK vehicle, we are unfortunately unable to help. We can only advise for you to contact Lexus in your region.


  9. Dear Lexus
    We have imported our Lexus RX270 from Australia and are having difficulty in getting the sat nav to work
    We have tried downloading the UK map by disc with no success
    Any suggestions?

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