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We’re pleased you want to be part of the Lexus blog, but there are a few guidelines we need you to be aware of before you begin posting your comments.

See ‘Information About Us’, under Legal, for details of who operates the website Lexus blog (‘the blog’) which is operated as a way of publishing news and views on Lexus products and services. Lexus values and encourages interaction from members of the public through the blog. However, Lexus reserves the right to moderate all comments posted to the blog. Any posts deemed to be inappropriate will be removed without notification.

For a full explanation of what constitutes inappropriate blog content, please consult our legal page. Posting comments to the blog indicates that you have read and accepted this full legal policy. Please note that Lexus is only able to deal with comments in relation to products offered for sale by Lexus within the United Kingdom.

The blog team is happy to answer general product queries but is unable to respond to specific customer issues. If you feel you have an issue or concern that you would like to raise with Customer Relations, please visit the Contact Lexus page.

We appreciate your help in ensuring the Lexus blog remains a safe and friendly site for all visitors.