Drive the new Lexus IS at Goodwood

New Lexus ISThe new IS promises to be the most driver-focused Lexus saloon ever – and you could win the chance to drive it at Goodwood.

We have 10 drives to give away at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show, which takes place on Thursday, July 11th, ahead of the 2013 Festival of Speed.

Not only could you be one of the first people in the UK to get behind the wheel of the car, you’ll also get to drive up the UK’s most famous hill climb track. You’ll be able to bring a friend along to enjoy the day too and see some of the world’s finest cars in the picturesque grounds of the Goodwood estate.

Just answer the following tiebreaker question (the most amazing answer will win, so think big!):

Why do you want to drive the new Lexus IS?

To be in with a chance of winning, send your answer, along with your name, address, and a contact telephone number to

Winners must be able to attend on the day and travel to Goodwood. Read our full terms and conditions here.

*Final UK production specification and equipment may vary from these images

Comments (22)

  1. Who wouldn’t want to drive it, it looks amazing, would be a dream to drive a dream car up the hill.
    Plus it would annoy my husband LOL

  2. Hi all at lexus
    In the past I’ve chosen my colour of car on facebook and you guys liked it… but I can dream on having that car! How I wish….
    I have had and still have an lexus rx 400h and I love it.
    But to have a ride in a sporty lexus would be so exciting.. I would be happy and I know I will be a giggling girls around the track but a bit cooler than the stig.
    Go on have a giggle around the track with me!

  3. I currently drive a bmw that I hate but it’s very dynamically talented as I like to push the car on the road, would be nice to see how the lexus fares as it’s due for renewal. Plus the world might end the next day 🙂

  4. I am glad to see your publication, I will like to drive Lexus be is the world best car, it has been my dream car when I was fourteen years old. I want to be a sales agent of Lexus to promote the company and for you people to make profit thanks!

  5. My hubby and his Dad spent over 20 years apart and after reuniting discovered their mutual passion for cars! They are both celebrating special birthdays this year ( 40 and 70) and it would be amazing to send them to Goodwood to enjoy the thrill of this driving experience. I’ve been to Goodwood with my husband but didn’t share his passion for cars so to revisit with his dad, have an exclusive experience and see all the other amazing cars would be the icing on 2very special birthday cakes!!!!

  6. I have an old Jaguar X type. Jaguar are bringing out a new smaller Jaguar ( X type replacement ??) Lexus may have beaten them to that particular niche’ in the market & the styling is unique. AND !!it looks different !!

  7. I’ll take the challenge…..OK Lexus IS…..Lexus see what all the fuss IS about 🙂

    See what I did there ….. 🙂

    Oh and I’ve retweeted

  8. I would like to push it to the limit to see what it can do and what I can do on the hill climb. Also my wife has bought tickets to Goodwood for my birthday present and this would be the icing on the cake!

  9. It looks fierce and beautiful – who wouldn’t want the chance to drive an iconic car like this at Goodwood?!

  10. Sleek. Decidedly not meek. The thrill is the drive and a must you cannot hide. Style and grace in just one car. Oh please!!! A liar I am not. You decide!

  11. I would like to drive the new Lexus at the iconic location of Goodwood because it would likely be the first and last opportunity for me to do so.

  12. The New IS:

    L exus
    E legance
    X citing
    U nveiled
    S aloon

    What more can I say apart from “pick me please”!


  13. Since I own the current IS250 the question should be: think of a good reason why you should not want to drive the new Lexus IS up the hill at Goodwood.

  14. The new Lexus IS is so bling…its really just my thing
    With sleek styling and a grunty roar
    I would love it parked outside my door!
    The Alloys dazzle, the grill bejazzles
    Cluster lights shine….I wish it were mine….
    But I’ll have to be happy with a drive at the show
    For I can’t afford one and that I know!

  15. Finally a car that can take on the usual suspects and win….as someone whose default choice in the past comes from Germany I have now got an option that ticks all the boxes I require and saves me a fortune in BIK tax…much needed in these tight times!

  16. My girlfriend drove the new Jaguar up the hill last year and I have not heard the last of it. It would be great to beat her time in the Lexus.

  17. A top performer that’s second to none, this Lexus ‘IS’ my number one. In Pole position for winning success, their smoother performance will always impress. The hill climb always looks seriously good, so please let me drive up it this year at Goodwood.

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