Discover more about the new Lexus UX advert

Have you seen the TV advert for the all-new Lexus UX compact luxury SUV yet?
New Horizons, our latest advertising campaign, hit TV screens during The Voice on
2 March 2019.

The storyline focuses on Elsa Bleda as she explores Lisbon in a white Lexus UX F Sport looking for places and moments of inspiration to photograph.

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Lexus UX advert: Who is Elsa Bleda?

Elsa Bleda is a woman of many talents: a photographer, writer, model, actor and filmmaker. She was born in France and grew up in several different European cities. Now based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Elsa brings a distinctive approach to her photography.

Often capturing images of buildings at night, she uses distant angles and light play to create an almost dream-like feel. Bleda’s distinctive style certainly comes through in the advert, particularly in the Laundromat scene.

She was named by Dazed and Confused as one of the global rising stars of photography and her work has also been featured in Apple’s Shot on the iPhone campaign.

Lexus UX advert: What is the soundtrack?

The music in the new Lexus UX advert is a bespoke soundtrack composed by French electronic music artist Rone. Complementing the dream-like visuals, the score helps to create drama within the film, building throughout to a crescendo at the end.

Over the last decade Rone, a self-taught musician, has become a key figure in the French electronic music scene. He has developed his own melodic and slightly chaotic aural style, and is also known for the rich and unique visual universe he created to complement it.

Lexus UX advert: Where was it filmed?

The new Lexus UX advert was filmed in several locations across Lisbon, Portugal, and was directed by Georgi Banks-Davies. Shoot locations included the Caixa Geral bank and Rocket City, which is a park overlooking Lisbon.

Many of the settings, however, were chosen for their artistic value rather than notoriety, and some were even filmed in the slums of the city. The film ends with the UX 250h F Sport travelling across Vasco da Gama bridge.

Discover more about the all-new Lexus UX

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