Lexus LC 500: driving the prototype

Automotive journalist Andrew English was one of a select few who have driven a prototype of the just unveiled Lexus LC 500. In this post he reveals what it was like to be involved in the car’s development.

Lexus LC 500h

Lexus at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

It’s the Geneva motor show 2016. We’ve got news, pictures and video as the new Lexus LC 500h takes centre stage and we’ll take a close look at LF-FC fuel cell concept.

Powertrain of the new Lexus LC 500

What is the powertrain behind the svelte new Lexus LC 500? We lift the bonnet to reveal the workings of its V8 engine and first-of-its-kind 10-speed automatic transmission.

Chassis of the new Lexus LC 500

Beneath the svelte surface of the new Lexus LC 500 lies a new rear-wheel drive platform. We take a look at the constituents of this new high-tech, high-strength chassis.