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Lexus CT


Lexus luxury in a compact hybrid car

Lexus CT
Lexus IS


Award-winning sports saloon

Lexus IS
Lexus UX


Compact luxury SUV

Lexus UX
Lexus NX


Amazing urban SUV

Lexus NX
Lexus RX


Pioneering SUV

Lexus RX


Luxury for seven

Lexus ES


Luxury mid-size saloon with executive class

Lexus ES
Lexus GS-F


Heart Racer

Lexus GS-F
Lexus LS


Luxury high performance

Lexus LS
Lexus RC


Premium coupe

Lexus RC
Lexus RC F


Exhilarating sports coupe

Lexus RC F
Lexus LC


Engineered for a new era

Lexus LC
Lexus LFA


The supercar redefined

Lexus LFA
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latest news

Lexus Takumi master carpenter

Lexus and takumi: Shigeo Kiuchi, the master carpenter

Shigeo Kiuchi describes his career as a master carpenter for Kongō Gumi, the oldest continually operating company in the world.

Katsuaki Suganuma final vehicle inspection

Lexus and takumi: Katsuaki Suganuma, the human touch

Katsuaki Suganuma is proof that humans still play a vital role in car manufacturing, using his razor-sharp senses to ensure every Lexus that leaves the Tahara plant is perfect.

Lexus Takumi

What does takumi craftsmanship mean to Lexus?

Within each Lexus production facility, there is no greater honour than to be called a takumi. Yet equally, there is no greater responsibility.

Crafted for Lexus: car organiser

Crafted for Lexus: car organiser and travel tote

Our browse through the Crafted for Lexus collection continues with Tembea’s practical car organiser and travel tote.

Lexus Clock

How to adjust the time on your Lexus clock

A handy reminder on how to adjust the time on the clock in your Lexus, hopefully saving you a few minutes in the process!

RC F Track Edition

Under the skin of the Lexus RC F Track Edition

The limited production version of the updated Lexus RC F adds high-end, race-derived upgrades to boost performance without sacrificing luxury. We find out more.

Lexus LC Convertible concept: the story so far

The Lexus LC Convertible concept takes the award-winning, brave design of the LC flagship coupe into another dimension. We found out more about it at the Geneva Motor Show.

Lexus Takumi film

New documentary explores the skills of takumi craftspeople

A new Lexus documentary asks whether the skills of devoted craftspeople can survive in a world increasingly powered by artificial intelligence.

Discover more about the new Lexus UX advert

Everything you need to know about the all-new Lexus UX television advert, featuring photographer Elsa Bleda.

Lexus global sales

Lexus reaches ten million global vehicle sales

Lexus has sold its ten millionth vehicle, adding to the momentum that has seen the brand break multiple sales records around the world in 2018.

Lexus Hybrid Drive history

History of Lexus Hybrid Drive

Find out how Lexus Hybrid Drive has advanced in four generations and how the term ‘hybrid’ has become synonymous with environmental awareness in mobility.

Lexus UX review 05

2019 Lexus UX reviews: the verdicts are in

How was our new urban-focused SUV, the Lexus UX, received by UK road testers on its European launch? This is our round-up of their online reviews.