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Lexus CT 200h in Harrods: Behind the scenes

Ever wondered how shops manage to construct their intricate and beautiful Christmas displays? What about when that display includes not one but two cars as part of a four-window installation, and the shop in question is arguably London’s most famous department store, Harrods?

Lexus CT 200h in Harrods: A luxury brand partnership

When the world’s first luxury hybrid hatchback goes on public display in the UK for the first time, you can expect it to get a lot of attention. The public recently got its first chance to get up close and personal to the Lexus CT 200h – but then came the media’s turn to appraise the new ‘baby Lexus’…

CT 200h in Harrods: Exclusive Pictures

Well, it’s finally here: the Lexus CT 200h has made its UK debut. Harrods is already abuzz with shoppers pausing to take notice of the luxury hatchback that suddenly appeared in the shop window on Sunday morning…