IS 220d

IS F-Sport 20 Years Celebration Edition

‘You’re being upgraded’. Whether it’s to a larger hotel suite, first class airline tickets or the latest smartphone, hearing those words is guaranteed to make you smile. Lexus now wants to make sure that feeling stays with you for longer, thanks to the new IS F-Sport 20 Years Celebration Edition.

Lexus IS 220d: Driven to success

Diesel and Champagne. They don’t sound like the most tasteful mix. After all, one has long represented frugal motoring, while the other has been a byword for excess for generations. But, when Lexus is involved, not all is what it first seems.

Introducing the Lexus IS Series

The IS Series has evolved from a single model into a full suite of luxury performance cars. Eager for a sports saloon with a petrol V6 under the bonnet? No problem. How about the efficiency of a diesel engine? There’s one of those too. But that’s just the beginning.