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Mark Templin interview on Lexus Short Films

Mark Templin

Lexus and the Weinstein Company have joined to produce two new short films for the second annual Life is Amazing, Lexus Short Film Series.

Mark Templin, Executive Vice President of Lexus International explains the background, aims and philosophy to the Lexus involvement in the series.

Q:What is Lexus Short Films?

Mark Templin: “A few years ago we really started to get passionate about design and that passion about design became an obsession.

“As a result of that we changed the design of every one of our cars in a two-year period of time. During all the work we did on the design, that obsession became a passion for supporting the creative community.

“So we came up with several projects, such as the Lexus Design Award, the Lexus Design event in Milan and Lexus Short Films to support the creative community, to help young creative and, in this case, film makers, show what they are capable of and hopefully make it big in the film industry.”

Q: How does Lexus Short Films show Lexus philosophy?

MT: “When we started down this path, we started making our own short films. We titled them ‘Amazing in Motion’ because that’s what we felt our cars were. Our cars are amazing in technology, amazing in innovation, amazing in quality, and amazing in motion. They are amazing cars that are fun to drive – that was the theme of our films.

“But we started talking about what our brand represents and one of the most important tenets of our brand is customer experience. Our biggest goal in life is to create amazing experiences for our customers. So it seemed natural for us, as we get into this film endeavour, to say ‘show us how life is amazing’ because that’s what we are trying to do for our customers.”

Q: What did you think when you saw the films? Any favourite parts?

MT: “I have to tell you, the first time I saw them, even before the final edits I was blown away by the production quality of these films and the ability of these film makers to tell a story in such a short period of time.

“If I ask you to make a full-length feature film for two hours you would have plenty of time to tell your story, put in all the details you wanted. I think these film makers have done a masterful job of taking this 10-minute window we’ve given them and told an amazing story about life is amazing. I think you will really enjoy them.”

Q: How do you think Lexus Short Films has affected the brand

MT: “I think it’s going to take a while for these things to take root and people understand what we are trying to accomplish with this. But I think from the films we made last year, we’ve made huge progress and we’ve learned a lot and this year we’re going to focus more on providing the support the film makers need to make great films. I think those things will take it to a whole new level for us.”

Q: What do you hope viewers will take away from Lexus Short Films?

MT: “I think that the passion we have for taking care of customers and making their lives amazing when it comes to the car buying, driving owning experience is the same thing that we’re trying to get them to come out with in these films, that’s why we chose Life is Amazing as the theme for these films.

“And so I think that hopefully we can tug at people’s hearts and we can make people laugh, we can make people cry and we can show them that we hgave a human side to our brand.

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