Low servicing costs for the new Lexus CT 200h hatchback

As well as being eligible for London congestion charge exemption and zero vehicle tax, the new CT 200h has been designed to offer low servicing costs across the Lexus Centre network.

Thanks to its Lexus Hybrid Drive system, the CT 200h doesn’t use a starter motor or alternator and there’s no standard clutch either. This means no replacement costs for any of these items.

What’s more, unlike diesel cars, the fuel efficient CT 200h doesn’t use costly particulate filters to achieve its class-leading CO2 emissions.

Even the brake pads are designed to last an average of 70,000 miles, due to the hybrid’s clever regenerative braking system.

If you’re used to paying high servicing charges and expensive running costs with other premium car manufacturers, you will be pleasantly surprised with the new CT 200h.

Don’t forget, the CT 200h’s hybrid components are covered by a five-year / 60,000-mile Lexus warranty as standard. To catch up on the latest news about the new CT 200h, click here.

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