The LF-CC concept: An interior focus

The 2012 LF-CC Concept previewed the next generation of Lexus interior design and innovation. Discover which elements have made the transition from concept to production.

Fuel cell hybrid technology nears production

Lexus believes that fuel cell hybrid vehicles offer the best solution to future challenges of energy sources and emissions. Here’s our explanation of the developing technology.

Lexus IS 300h: A dialogue of design

We conclude our focus on Lexus design with a personal perspective on the latest exponent of L-finesse design language – the IS 300h F Sport.

The Lexus LFA road bike

Many questions were asked as to ‘What’s next?’ following the completion of the 500th, and final, Lexus LFA. We can now reveal how the LFA’s technology is being dramatically repurposed

Wireless charging explained

Future generations of Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles might be available with wireless charging technology. Here we begin to explain how this convenient solution works.

History of the Lexus GS

History of the Lexus GS

We chart the history of the Lexus ‘Grand Sedan’, from its introduction as a high-performance flagship saloon to its later role as standard-bearer for L-finesse design and Lexus Hybrid Drive technology.