Lexus LC 500 – the Black Panther’s dynamic partner

Lexus and Marvel have collaborated to pair the 2018 Lexus LC 500 with the dynamic Black Panther superhero in the forthcoming Marvel Studio film Black Panther, which will arrive in cinemas early next year.

In anticipation of that event, Lexus will also reveal this special Black Panther-inspired custom LC 500 concept at next week’s SEMA show, North America’s annual celebration of the automobile aftermarket. Because when a superhero is your muse, the results can be amazing.

Black Panther-inspired Lexus LC 500

The concept coupe is a celebration of the Black Panther series – complete with a powertrain boosted by self-sustaining vibranium, the mythical ore found only in the Black Panther’s home nation of Wakanda. This imaginary system is designed to be controlled by a unique brain/computer interface that creates a symbiotic relationship between the vehicle and its driver.

Much like the legendary superhero’s armoured suit, the custom widened bodywork of the LC has been painted to give the impression that it is reinforced with a layer of bullet-defying and self-healing vibranium weave.

We’re bringing our two worlds together by letting our imaginations run wild

But when the dangers are too great for even that level of protection, the LC 500 can be driven remotely from control stations in the Wakandan capital of Birnin Zana. It achieves this through a Kimoyo Bead interface that allows the pilot to have direct communication with the car.

“We’re bringing our two worlds together by letting our imaginations run wild like there are no limits to what’s possible,” commented Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s senior vice president of global partnerships and marketing.

“That’s what Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda represent in the film, and it’s been incredible to work with Lexus as we attempt to recreate that ideology here in our own corner of the universe.”

Lexus LC 500 stars in custom Marvel graphic novel

Lexus and Marvel have broadened their association to present an exclusive digital graphic novel entitled Black Panther: Soul of a Machine. Envisioned by head writer Fabian Nicieza, the story teams Black Panther with his ultimate Lexus LC 500 to thwart the plans of cybernetic supervillain Machinesmith.

The full interactive novel will be released in December but you can read the first four chapters by clicking this link.

Look out for further Lexus news from the annual SEMA show next week

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