Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h: Low CO2 emissions and high fuel economy

We’ve talked about engineering excellence and aerodynamic design. We know it will be the only full hybrid car in a very competitive sector. But now we can reveal that CT 200h owners will benefit from more than just a sporty driving position.

The new CT 200h, to be launched later this month at the Paris motor show, is expected to deliver CO2 emissions of just 96g/km for UK models. This makes it the car with the lowest CO2 emissions of any luxury compact hatchback on sale in the UK.

The CT 200h is also kinder to the environment than conventional diesel engines. By using the latest generation Lexus Hybrid Drive, the car will emit near-zero levels of NOx and particulates.

Preliminary fuel consumption figures have also been released. The good news is an anticipated 68.9mpg in combined cycle driving. This means that you can expect low fuel bills as well as zero road tax. And if you’re a company car driver, the tax benefit-in-kind will be just 10 per cent.

Although full pricing and specification has yet to be confirmed, you don’t have to wait to reserve your car – CT 200h is available to order at your local Lexus Centre now, with deliveries expected to take place early in the New Year.

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  1. I get my cars from the mobility people as I am registered disabled. It would be nice to get one 0f these cars but I doubt that I will be able to as the price is likely to be high for me. I would be interested in knowing the price as soon as it is available. I have two years to wait before I can get another car as I have to have this car for three years. This car A Citroen C4 Grand which is diesel. I get 47 MPG just knocking about which is great. I get 65/70 MPG on the motorway so it is really good. Anyway please let me your prices please.

        1. Hi Michael
          Thanks for your post and for your interest in the Lexus brand.
          Only one model Lexus currently falls within the Motability guidelines (the CT model) but the advance payment would be over the £2,000 limit under the scheme so could not therefore be included. Hope this helps clarify and let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Your website makes finding basic information virtually impossible. Staff at the dealers are just as ill informed. I already own a Lexus 200h and was thinking of changing. Not now I’m afraid

    1. Good morning,
      Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.
      This is very important to us and we will be sure to inform the relevant department for consideration in future developments. To ensure we allocate this correctly, could you please confirm which website you reference, is this Was there a particular area you found challenging?
      We are very sorry to hear this has affected your decision, please do let us know if we can help you in any way.
      Kind regards.

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