Lexus celebrates at the Cannes Festival 2013

Harvey Weinstein has paid tribute to the importance of filmmaking through his company’s collaboration with Lexus to create the ‘Life is Amazing’ Short Film series.

Harvey Weinstein, directors Tim Burton and Ryan Coogler, and Lexus Europe Director Paul Van der Burgh joined the series’ five filmmakers for a panel discussion at The Hotel Majestic.

The Lexus Short Film Directors: Justin Tipping (Swimming in Air), Cristina Molino (Beyond Memories), Campbell Hopper (one-half of directorial duo known as “Special Problems” with Joel Kefali, Echoes), Chan Chung Ki (Pupil), and Mitsuyo Miyazaki (A Better Tomorrow), discussed their individual interpretations behind the ‘Life is Amazing’ series.

Talking about getting started in filmmaking, Harvey Weinstein commented: “When Good Will Hunting was released by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, which then became the success that it did, they went on to launch Project Green Light, subsequently finding and launching the careers of some of the most recognisable talent today.  This series is the more efficient way of doing it.”

‘Life is Amazing’ short films World Premiere:
The filmmakers joined stars such as Zoe Saldana, Naomie Harris and Clive Owen to walk the red-carpet of the Lexus Short Films world premiere event, held at the Olympia screening room. Presented by Lexus and The Weinstein Company’s Harvey Weinstein and David Glasser, audiences witnessed the five films back-to-back, showcasing the unique visions behind the ‘Life Is Amazing’ series.

The Lexus Short Film Series will be released one by one from 28th May, 2013 on


BEYOND MEMORIES, directed by Cristina Molino                       Release date: May 28, 10:00 CET
Cristina Molina is a Spanish filmmaker whose first film E VAS? (ARE YOU LEAVING?) was awarded in fifteen Film Festivals including the International Film Festival of Locarno.
Beyond Memories tells the story of Sophie, a young woman who believes that forgetting is the only way of moving on with her life, but one day she realizes that she can’t make memories from a previous life completely disappear.

ECHOES, directed by Special Problems–                                           Release date: June 4, 10:00 CET
Special Problems is a multi-disciplinary studio comprising directors Campbell Hooper (right) and Joel Kefali. Their unique visual sensibility and hands-on approach to all areas of their work has seen them win multiple awards and created high demand for their skills.
Echoes follows a comedian’s 3am musings on love and life, which become the anchor to five stories of five isolated individuals.

SWIMMING IN AIR, directed by Justin Tipping                            Release date: June 11, 10:00 CET
A recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI), Justin is the recipient of the prestigious Franklin J. Schaffner Fellow Award and the Richard P. Rogers Spirit of Excellence Award for his directorial work at the AFI.
In Swimming in the Air, Victor may be young, but he knows what love is. Emily is the girl of Victor’s dreams and when he sets out to impress her, he’ll be challenged in every way and ultimately have to risk life and limb for the sake of love.

PUPIL, directed by Chan Chung Ki                                                         Release date: June 18, 10:00 CET
An award-winning filmmaker from Hong Kong, Chan Chung Ki’s Documentary “Dragon Inn: The Hideout in Temple Street” was officially screened in the 19th IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival. It was also honoured as Hors Concours Selection by the 27th Annual Banff World Television Awards.
Pupil tells the story of two artists facing a traumatic event that will ultimately shift their perspective on life, challenge their passion for art, and allow them to see the world in new, amazing ways.

A BETTER TOMORROW, directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki    Release date: June 25, 10:00 CET
Miyazaki’s directorial debut short TSUYAKO screened at over 60 Film Festivals worldwide, winning 38 awards including the DGA Award for the Best Female Student Director and Grand Jury prizes at Academy Award qualified Film Festivals.
In A Better Tomorrow, a water scarcity sees two orphans, Shin and Myra, following in their scientist father’s footsteps to develop a technology that could turn the tides of time and heal the earth. Dark forces cause the device to be mistakenly activated and a mysterious power unleashed, transporting them on a voyage out of this world.

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