Exclusive Hollywood preview of the first two Lexus short films

Harvey Weinstein, David O. Russell (director of The Fighter and Silver Lining Playbook) and actor Chris Tucker, best known for the Rush Hour franchise, were among the stars who turned out for the premier of the first of Lexus’ Life is Amazing franchise.

First to be shown was Swimming in Air by American director Justin Tipping, which was followed by Beyond Memories by Spain’s Cristina Molino.

The film series will eventually include five short features, and gathers film makers from the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, China and Japan. The directors have all been selected jointly by Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company COO David Glasser, in partnership with Lexus.

In addition to the shorts created by Justin Tipping and Cristina Molino, the other three films will be directed by New Zealand Studio ‘Special Problems’, Chinese director Chung Ki Chan and Japanese director Mitsuyo Miyazaki.

“The Lexus Short Films are amazing stories, beautifully told by up-and-coming directors from across the world,” said Mark Templin, the general manger of Lexus International. “Together with The Weinstein Company, we celebrate the creativity, imagination and passion of these filmmakers. We’re proud to be bringing these stories to life as part of this new and dynamic chapter of our brand.”

“One of the most rewarding things about this industry is having the opportunity to discover new talent,” said Harvey Weinstein. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Lexus on this new venture which is shining a spotlight on rising film makers and giving them a platform to share their stories with the world.”

Through these films, Lexus aims to demonstrate the powerful ability to be moved by innovative, dynamic story-telling that challenges the imagination and reinforces that life is an amazing experience. All five films will premiere later in 2013.

More information about all five short films and the production process can be followed through www.lexusshortfilms.com.

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