Comparison: Lexus CT 200h, BMW 1 Series and Audi A3

With the new CT 200h available to order now at your local Lexus Centre, you might be wondering how it compares to other premium hatchbacks available in the UK. Here’s how the numbers stack up against the BMW 118d SE and the Audi A3 2.0 TDI SE.

As the CT 200h will be delivered in 2011, the recently announced official OTR price includes the new rate of VAT at 20%. For comparison purposes, all the prices quoted below are based on the current rate of VAT at 17.5%. All new cars sold in the UK will be subject to 20% VAT from 4 January 2011.

*Data provisional pending homologation.

The Lexus CT 200h offers motorists a competitive price advantage when like-for-like specifications are compared. For example, to meet the equipment features of the CT 200h SE-I – the model expected to be the most popular – BMW 118d SE automatic drivers would need to find almost £1,700 extra.

The OTR price isn’t the only good news for CT 200h buyers. As mentioned here, the car outperforms key rivals in terms of CO2 emissions and combined cycle fuel economy, thanks to its Lexus Hybrid Drive system.

Of course, the best way to find out if the new CT 200h is for you is to take a test drive – contact your local Lexus Centre to be the first in line in the New Year. Click here for the latest CT 200h news.

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  1. Once I saw the price I cancelled My reservation for the CT 200 h (INCHCAPE NORWICH) and bought a BMW 118D coupe with full leather and 5 year service auto £23200. Your car is to dear for a jazzed up AURIS

    1. Dear Keith,

      We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear you have cancelled your order. We believe the all-new Lexus CT 200h offers motorists a competitive price when like-for-like specifications are compared against its rivals.

      We can also assure you the full-hybrid CT 200h has been developed by Lexus to offer class-leading running costs and the first-class ownership experience that Lexus customers enjoy.

      The Lexus CT 200h utilises the award-winning hybrid expertise that has been developed in the world’s best-selling hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, and the Toyota Auris HSD. However, the CT 200h has been specifically developed by Lexus and is the world’s first full-hybrid luxury compact hatchback. To find out more about the CT 200h’s development, click here.

      If you would like to experience the CT 200h for yourself, please contact us and we will arrange for you to test drive the car when it is available early next year.

      Thank you

      1. There is no doubt about it, Lexus are taking advantage of their market position here, having the first ‘luxury’ hybrid compact car. There is no need for it to be as expensive as it is, but I understand why Lexus have done it. I have been informed that the deposit is 100% refundable for any reason at all, so I am going to put one down today. Where’s the risk? The one thing that seems wholly wrong is the uplift price for the premier over the mid range model?!?! A fantastic tom tom is £200 ish. I will get the ML upgraded stereo if it’s not too silly, but who needs a rear parking camera? It definitely feels like a compromise on performance, looks (why can’t anyone make an attractive hybrid yet?), and size, but it ticks a lot of boxes that will only become more and more prominent over the coming years.

        1. Hi Ivor,

          We recommend that you check with your Centre that the deposit is fully refundable, but we hope that it won’t be necessary to get a refund!


      2. You say Lexus have developed the transmission system but its the same as used on the Prius so whats different about
        on the ct200h?

        1. Hi Adrian,

          While the CT 200h and Prius share the same powertrain, the CT 200h is based on a completely new platform with a unique suspension design, which gives it a very different driving feel to the Prius and the Auris Hybrid. In addition, the CT 200h’s engine features a smaller and more lightweight cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, and a third-generation Exhaust Heat Recovery system.

          I hope that answers your question.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of lexus, but I would go for the ct200 over the 1 series, I see so many a3 and 1 series driven by hoodrat, that to me is a good enough reason not to get a BMW or Audi

  3. The performance figures are very poor for a Lexus. In fact they are poor for any car with a 1.8L engine even without the assistance of a electric motor. I had been eagerly awaiting to know more about this car but now they have lost my interest.

  4. Gentlemen,

    I may not be a Lexus owner; I may not even purchase a CT200 next year following the launch and subsequent test drive, however, I cannot see the point of dismissing it out of hand before I have experienced the vehicle for myself. I do not consider pure price; or, paper performance figures to be of any relevance without an actual test drive.

    There are many consumers who voice negative comments about Apple products without even trying these for themselves; then there are those users who know better because they actually own them! If in any doubt about the Lexus brand one should seek the advice of an owner; or, try the product for yourself before being negative. One could always read the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey as year upon year real Lexus customers give their opinions – real customers not just review writers.

    Many years ago my father gave me some sound advice: – one is born with two eyes, two ears, but only one mouth – us it wisely!

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      Our hybrid engines are designed to run on unleaded fuel. The choice between premium and regular unleaded fuel is down to the customer; the car will continue to perform efficiently regardless.

      Thanks for your question

  5. I saw that it is not designed to pull a trailer.
    I have a Lexus Rx300 and have been delighted with it.I want to downsize cars for city driving but I also find the CT200h price high for what it is. In addition I am concerned at the resale values of hybrids and that adds to the total life cost.

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thanks for your comments.

      We believe the CT 200h offers a competitive price advantage when like-for-like specifications are compared with competitors such as the BMW 118d SE and the Audi A3 2.0 TDI. Additionally, the CT 200h benefits from low cost of ownership and qualifies for the newly introduced Greener Vehicle Discount from the London Congestion Charge.

      Also, if you finance a CT 200h through Lexus Financial Services, the residual value of the car after 3 years or 60,000 miles is 45%. The segment average over the same is period is typically between 38-40%. CAP, the automotive industry residual value specialist, has put CT 200h as Best in Class for residual value.

  6. Have been seriously considering the CTh for its obviously appealing combination of style, handling, and hybrid fuel economy….however, I’m hestitating since finding that the recommended fuel is premium….How important is this recommendation, really? What would a diet of ‘regular’ do, if anything to cause overall harm to the engine?

    Somehow it seems illogical for Lexus to design an ‘entry-price’ level(for Lexus, anyway) hybrid which would appeal to fuel-cost concious buyers and then recommend premium gas…just doesn’t jive. Seems to be ‘economy at any price’?

    I also own a BMW 135i which requires premium and have always been afraid to use ‘regular unleaded’…the BMW is of course a very high powered turbo, so the dynamics are different…etc….

    1. Hi Jim,

      Our hybrid engines are designed to run on unleaded fuel. The choice between premium and regular unleaded fuel is down to the customer; the car will continue to perform efficiently regardless.

      Thanks for your question

  7. Damian, I have always been a BMW fan and have owned 6 of them. Yesterday I went to Lexus of Nashville to check out the hype and see the new CT200 myself. By the time I arrived at 10:30 am, the dealership had already sold 2 of the 3 in stock. After taking a test drive, I was SOLD! This car hugs the road as well as a BMW and is incredibly comfortable to drive. I love the audio system -the bamboo speakers produce amazing sound. I put 60 miles on the car after purchase and barely used any gas and estimate that i was getting 60+ mpg just driving around town. Unbelievable!!! For any car enthusiast that is a green-thinker, this car is a MUST SEE!!! I drive about 3000 miles a month and expect to save $200 USD per month in fuel costs. After seeing the CT200 in person and taking it for a test drive, it was an absolute no brainer to purchase!

  8. Damian
    I am looking to replace my BMW 118d MSport with a CT200h – it’s not just more efficient but the UK company car tax rules make it a much more sensible option to save money.
    I am not interested in 0-60 mph times because they are irrelevant in the real world – mid range acceleration is much more important. I fear I might miss the low end torque of the BMW diesel and wondered if you publish comparable 30-50 mph acceleration times and torque/rpm figures when the petrol and electric engines are operating in sport mode.
    I realise I might be trying to compare apples and pears here, especially as I am comparing a manual with a CVT gearbox – and the only real way to compare them is to drive the CT200h, which I fully intend to as soon as I can arrange it with a dealer.
    After seeing it in the showroom I was very impressed in terms of the fit, finish and quality (and standard equipment levels) compared to the BMW. One minor criticism if I may, the silver plastic dashboard, steering wheel and door trim looks a trifle cheap – I know it is made from environmentally friendly materials and the base model 1 series has similarly cheap plastic – but at least you can replace it with aluminium as an option. Would love to see a similar option for the door and dash and steering wheel trims if only as an aft market accessory.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Glad to hear that you’re interested in the CT 200h. I’ve passed on your questions to our technical team, and will posted the answers once they’ve gotten back to me.

      If you haven’t already arranged a test drive you can book online by clicking here.


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