Lexus 'The Life RX'

Jude Law lives ‘The Life RX’

Jude Law starred alongside an elite cast of actors from the world of immersive theatre, in an exclusive interactive show for the Lexus RX.


Introducing the Lexus AWD-Thru

While a light flutter of snowflakes is enough to make most of the UK grind to a halt, our cousins over at Lexus Canada have been showing us how it’s done at their AWD-Thru…

Jude RX Life 08

Lexus advert music

A stunning soundtrack can really make a great TV commercial. We explore some of the great Lexus advert music tracks and the artists who made them.

Lexus RX interior 04

2016 Lexus RX – room with a view

How has Lexus increased the volume and feeling of space inside the new 2016 Lexus RX with only negligible changes to the exterior dimensions? We use our tape measures to find out.