2004-2011 Lexus GS

Lexus is the answer for those seeking a quiet life

Almost half of UK adults say they can find some welcome peace and quiet inside their car, according to a new survey. If their car’s a Lexus they are likely to find the cabin a calmer and quieter place than in any other model.

Lexus finds its voice

Lexus has found its voice. Hollywood actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who shot to fame in Steven Spielberg’s Amistad, is providing the words for the launch of our new Creating Amazing advertising campaign – which made its debut this month.

Lexus CT 200h and Kylie Minogue reunite in the USA

Kylie may have recently auctioned off her Lexus CT 200h for the NSPCC charity, but that hasn’t stopped her getting back behind the wheel of the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact car. In fact, there was only one choice for the global pop music superstar during a recent trip to the USA…