Behind the scenes of the Lexus LC x Mark Ronson photoshoot

The images used to launch our Make Your Mark creative collaboration with music producer Mark Ronson were part of a carefully planned and choreographed studio-style warehouse photoshoot.

Also starring in the photoshoot were two examples of the new Lexus LC 500h: a high-spec Launch Edition and a Sport Pack-equipped model in deep Graphite Black paintwork. Numerous auxiliary props, such as lighting equipment and a huge wall of speakers, were brought into the frame, increasing the sense of theatre and reinforcing the connection to Mark’s profession.

Zooming further out, however, offers an idea of the scale of this production. So while the rest of the crew busied themselves setting up the next round of images, we caught up with the five-time Grammy award-winner to have a chat about the collaboration with Lexus and how it harmonises with his own carefully curated style. You can watch the video below.

It remains to be seen how the Make Your Mark campaign will expand over the next six months and deliver a range of exciting content and experiences for customers and fans of the Lexus marque.

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